Days 18-20 Friday 14th-Sunday 16th July

Ok, catch-up time again after a busy weekend, including a bit of a busman’s holiday on the day off on Saturday!

Trench six

Nick and the team have continued to make great progress over the weekend. The feature being excavated by Hugh, one of the students from Cardiff University revealed more cremated bone, flint and charcoal – more than was first suspected. One the north side of the trench they have successfully found the ditch they were looking for, and it seems to continue beyond the baulk (just where Conor in the green top is standing. This ditch is believed to be contemporary with the wooden structure at the heart of the mound, and where people in the Neolithic placed the bones of their ancestors.

Trench seven

Julian is very happy with progress in Trench seven. Each of the slots in the ditches has now seen the re-cut of the primary ditch excavated at least in part. On the western end of the trench there is a strange looking collection of stones which supervisor Dave is puzzling over, but excavating carefully. On the other side, Julian has finished excavating and recording the re-cut and has begun to excavate the next layer of ditch fill. In the next slot along, Erin, who is a Glasgow University student volunteering for two weeks, made the star find of the day – a very nice sherd of Neolithic pottery! Although it wasn’t as big as the piece found by Julian, it was a rim piece, which will help us identify the type of pottery and the diameter of the vessel.

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In other news

Day off involved a trip to Hay on Wye for breakfast – a full English for most – before setting off to see some of the relatively nearby archaeology in the shape of some chambered tombs . . . well, what else do you expect! The evening was spent enjoying some live music at The Globe arts centre in Hay, and a good time was had by all.


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