Day 21 – Monday 17th July

Phew, what a scorcher today turned out to be, and so at the end of the day almost everyone took advantage of the fine weather and went off for a dip in the River Wye at Bredwardine after work! Before that it was a long hard day in both trenches, but we were very pleased with the results.

Trench six

Work continued of the ditch that seems to mark out the earlier phase of the chamber. There was more cremated bone and pottery found in the later insertion on the south side of the mound. We hope to bring you some good images from the area tomorrow! There are more features to be planned and the team is working very hard as the deadline to finish rushes towards us!

Trench seven

Some very interesting developments in Trench six today. As work continued in the ditch segments, it became clear in several places that other things had been happening during the Neolithic, and possibly earlier! A large , roughly circular feature  being excavated by Althea has reached an impressive depth of over one metre deep. It looks very much like a very large post hole – one in which a sizeable tree would have been inserted and stood up as a large post. Not only that, but there may be the possibility of three further post holes running almost east to west in the eastern side of the trench. More post holes seem to be emerging, rather worryingly for Julia, in parts of the ditch segments. This is suggesting that there was quite extensive remodeling of the causewayed enclosure, maybe in the form a palisade with significant timber uprights.

There are still finds being made, and Julian is happy to see “a respectable amount of pottery” found so far. Given the weather was really warm again, we made use of the bowser to water some features on the site, and let it soak in overnight. More tomorrow. . . .


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