Day 24 – Thursday 20th July

Another short blog today, as we near then end of the excavation the pressure increases on us to finish recording everything the have found so far. In both trenches there are significant finds, contexts and features that need identifying, drawing, photographing and sampling. So Julian and Ann in Trench seven and Nick in Trench six are on the ball, ensuring that all the records are up to date and new ones are completed correctly.

Of course, there are some hiccups in the system from time to time, but most of the team of students are getting to grips with beginning to record and interpret what they have been working on. If you visit the site you’ll see supervisors pointing. They’ll be pointing north, pointing at different contexts or layers, they be point at the gazebo where the records live and they’ll be pointing at places they want students to go work. There’s always a lot of pointing on site.

One of the reasons why we are under pressure now is the weather forecast – heavy rain all day is forecast for Friday, so we needed to get a lot of areas clean and photographed before the rain comes, and with it the possibility of losing time to rain. Wish us luck!

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