Days 25 & 26 – Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July.

Friday can be summed up in three words – Rain Stopped Play. Rain on Thursday afternoon and overnight was so bad that we had a ‘pitch inspection’ and decided to call off work for the day and change the day off. The local geology is clay on sandstone, so of course walking on wet clay just chewed up the ground and it would become too dangerous to work on and destroy the archaeology in both trenches.

Low cloud after overnight rain.

Saturday was brighter, but even so there was potential for more rain as the early morning cloud over the hill could clearly be seen from the campsite. So it was with some trepidation that we set off to the top of the hill and day 26 of the excavations. We were not to be disappointed as there was plenty of water evident in both trenches. This called for some basic site rescue!

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After about an hour and a half of bailing we managed to get most of the water out of both trenches. Thankfully the sun came out and helped with the drying process over the course of the day. After this late start we were trying to catch up with the real work of excavation, which was a little easier after the rain had softened the clay. We were excavating, planning and drawing sections as the deadline of Tuesday afternoon loomed ever closer. The team were still making finds, and the find of the day had to be an arrowhead found by Bailey in Trench six.

One of our visitors – Andrew Flemming.

We were still getting visitors to the site, and one of Saturday’s visitors was Andrew Flemming an old friend of Julian’s. He also happened to be his PhD supervisor way back when! And speaking of way back when, some mystery stickers had appeared on both the camp and the top of the hill. It seems some enterprising individual had found an old photo of Julian on-line and had made a host of stickers and liberally applied them to anything that came to hand!

Mystery stickers of a young Julian appeared on site!

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